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About Legal RN Consulting

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Legal nurse consultants help bridge the gap between legal and medical professionals.  We enable the legal professional to understand and process medical information, including gathering and studying evidence such as medical records and medical research.  Preparing summaries, chronologies, and timelines based on medical records and analyzing that information also falls under the purview of a legal nurse consultant.  Often, we will be able to educate attorneys and juries on medical issues relating to cases or claims and interview, prepare, or act as expert witnesses


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We are nurses who help legal professionals understand and process medical information.

  • Gathering/studying/organizing medical records and medical research.

  • Prepare summaries, chronologies, and timelines.

  • Analyzing the information for merit and discrepancies.

  • Act as expert witnesses.

  • Coordinate Independent Medical Exams (IME).


  • Experience: legal nurse consultants possess a broad range of clinical expertise that includes experience with medical records, electronic medical records systems, and issues with legal ramifications.

  • Cost-effectiveness: legal nurse consultants identify the strengths and weaknesses of cases that lead to more favorable outcomes, especially when brought in at the start of the litigation process.

  • Resourcefulness: legal nurse consultants provide extensive networks of medical professionals and resources. 

  • Knowledge: legal nurse consultants stay up to date with medical issues and trends relevant to litigation.

  • Integrity: legal nurse consultants are members of the most trusted profession for the eighteenth year in a row.

  • Holistic view: legal nurse consultants see and experience every aspect of health care and its outcomes and are therefore uniquely qualified to evaluate the merit of each case. Often legal nurse consultants are asked to look at thousands of pages of medical records, in raw form, and decide if the case has merit to proceed. If it doesn’t then the attorney hasn’t wasted his time. Since nurses work with, and within, every part of the healthcare system, and see what all the other entities do, we are able to evaluate if something went wrong and if so, where and when. Often physicians don’t know what happens after they order medication or procedure - they just know it gets done. Nurses are the ones who not only deal with the orders and the patient but also deal with the logistics.

  • Hippa: legal nurse consultants are well-versed in Hippa Laws and consequences.

  • Scope of practice: legal nurse consultants are often the last line of defense in a medical setting so they are extremely aware of the scope of practice for all their coworkers.  

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